Sophisticated audience targeting and bid-based media buying

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Advanced technology for a wide range of clients

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Reach the right audience & improve campaign ROI

Quantum11 is an industry-leading programmatic advertising agency specializing in sophisticated audience targeting and bid-based media buying. Our highly skilled experts apply advanced technology to drive outstanding results for a wide range of clients.

Through programmatic demand-side platforms (DSPs), we have access to targeting opportunities unmatched by any other buying channel. We will work with you to reach the right audience, serve effective ads, uncover rich customer insights, protect your brand, and improve campaign ROI – so your marketing investment works harder for you.


Target consumers via demographic and behavioral data

By leveraging the right data and real-time inventory sources, we will pinpoint your target audience, then reach and expand it with a solution tailored to your needs. Whether you want to strengthen your brand or increase sales, you’ll be able to reach people at every stage of the advertising funnel, from complete lack of awareness to the final transaction.


Tailor ad serving by consumer position within the buying circle

Q11 solutions are customized, not cookie cutter. Our automated digital platforms continually capture data for the target individual that engages with your brand. You’ll be able to learn more about your customer, then apply this information to increase overall campaign performance across your entire marketing effort.


Generate brand awareness and engagement to grow your customer base

Programmatic advertising provides valuable information to bolster brand awareness. This includes real-time reports on click-through and engagement rates, traffic and viewability. All of this yields important insights around the type of placements that work best for your brand, and determines which audiences are likely to become new customers.


Evaluate ad placement risk across six safety categories

Through a mix of insights, best practices, and partnerships with brand safety specialists, Q11 ensures your brand is seen only where you want it to be seen. We measure risk across six different categories: Adult Content, Offensive Language, Alcohol/Tobacco, Hate Speech, Illegal Drugs and Spyware/Malware.


Reduce costs via real time bidding, ensuring maximum efficiency

Programmatic advertising uses a combination of data and computer learning to target your audience and serve them relevant ads. Through algorithms and real-time bidding, Q11 reaches your desired audience with focused messages, eliminating advertising waste and increasing ROI.

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Want to learn more about our Programmatic Advertising services? We’ll discuss your needs and goals, respond to your questions and concerns, and walk you through the process of launching a campaign. Call us at 843-410-6243.