Laser-Like Targeting Comes to TV

With its one-size-fits all approach, television advertising can seem like a dinosaur compared to the customer-centric abilities of digital ads. But now the gap is closing.

Advanced TV offers a deep reach into your desired audience, yielding a more precise target by age and gender. Quantum11’s Linear Programmatic Advertising provides exciting new ways to align your ideal audience with spot-on ad content. New technologies let you leverage first-party and third-party data to identify your target customers and create a more personalized advertising experience with ads specifically tailored to them.


Addressable TV advertising offers the ability to run different ads for different audiences that are watching the same program, applying the same type of personalization as digital platforms. Q11's Addressable TV offering is served on linear TV networks that reach some 60M households. We will work with you to identify your target audience and directly serve personalized ads to the selected audience segments to reach your campaign goals.


Programmatic TV advertising reverses the way things have been done in the past – where higher ratings have traditionally lured advertisers. Now, instead of relying on ratings for specific shows or channels, advertisers can use technology to reach a more precise subset of consumers.
Q11 will help you target your audience across multiple channels, reaching nearly 93 million households in all markets. We serve local programmatic across all local affiliate groups in all markets, according to market availability.


Subscribers to TV Everywhere (AKA "authenticated streaming" or "authenticated video on demand") can access content across multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, laptops and smart TVs. With TV Everywhere, subscribers can watch shows anywhere their devices receive a wireless signal — in their backyard, or a hotel room. So, wherever your customers go, your ads are there.