Charting the Right Course Through a Sea of Data

Quantum11's advertising solutions bridge the gap between data, insight and action. First we listen – to understand your business, strategy and marketing goals. Next, we apply data-driven analytics to uncover valuable insights into your current and prospective customers. Then, we find actionable solutions that drive successful outcomes. This helps you craft campaigns that get results with speed and efficiency.


More than ever, marketing decisions revolve around data. And no one can navigate the sea of data better than us. Quantum11's skilled analysts use best-in-class technology to transform massive amounts of data into meaningful, actionable information that provides unparalleled insight into your target customers. This allows you to make informed, strategic decisions on your advertising campaign.


Insight – deep understanding – is the linchpin of effective campaigns. At Quantum11 we go deep, applying data-driven insight to improve campaigns and track the effectiveness of our work against industry benchmarks. We use these insights to make intelligent buying decisions, yielding better results and greater accountability.

And, because these insights are cumulative, the more information we uncover about your audience, the more you can fine-tune a campaign for even greater effectiveness.


Real-time bidding is the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions. Each impression is profiled and evaluated in the milliseconds it takes a browser to load a web page. Once an advertiser’s bid wins the auction, their ad is placed instantaneously.

With ad exchanges providing access to a huge range of inventory, our buyers can cherry-pick only the impressions they deem most valuable and place them in front of your audience, so your ads reach the right users in the right place at the right time.


When analytics and insight meet direct buying, the power of programmatic advertising comes into play. Direct buying allows you to programmatically place your ads on predetermined sites or sections of sites. It also lets you target the users you want to reach, rather than the publisher’s entire audience. Working with Quantum11's direct buying team, you eliminate the need to traffic ads and negotiate prices – so the process is faster and more cost-effective.